about me

12755397_1000806906665410_405527659_o(1)Welcome to my art mind.

This website shows you around what I am doing.

Who I am?
I am Jannusch Röfke, born 1989 in Berlin (Germany), studying art at the UdK Berlin.
How did i fall in love with art ..to be honest, ever since it has been a relationship with its ups and downs.
Growing up in a so called „Plattenbau“ in the time shortly after german reunification urban anonymity had a huge impact on me.
Moving to the outskirt of Berlin into a rawhouse district in my teenage years let me fell in love with the countryside and all its varieties.
After different try outs for career i found my way back to art and here i am with a collection of my graphics, textile graphics, collage, drawings, prints, comics, puppets, photographs.

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